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Photo by YK : CST Station, Mumbai, India

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ムンバイで、初めて カノープス(Canopus)アガスティア(Agastya) と呼ばれ、大切にされている星-を観て感動。それが、このブログのURL(http://canopus..)の由来。


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[要旨] ムンバイに本社を構える企業からオファーをもらったのに・・配属予定先のチームが再編成中により、私へのオファーは一旦保留な状態、と告げられ・・。現在は、渡印時期が先送りになるだけと言う連絡が来ることを祈るばかり

Today I try writing this entry in English without a dictionary to brush up my English, especially for the speaking ability. It may sound strange, but I use it whenever writing English and I can never look up words in a dictionary when speaking English.

So writing English without any help would be a good exercise for me to write and speak, too. I'm sure that practice is the best way, but anyway.

At first.. regarding the job offer come from Mumbai, as of now the offer is PUT ON HOLD. ..Naaahhh!

After having the offer, we had exchanged e-mails steadily for the agreement with details such as health insurance and accommodation etc. However, the response stopped suddenly, so a few days later I asked the situation.

According to the Human resource manager, they are currently re-structuring the xxx team (to which I would be assigned) and due to this exercise taking a while, my offer for employment is currently put on hold.
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