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Photo by YK : CST Station, Mumbai, India

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I live in Mumbai because I love Mumbai…Why Mumbai?

They say Mumbai is the city full of garbage, and that is true.

People throw away garbage while walking, from a window of a train, and even a window of a house as well. Garbage is everywhere and so people do not mind adding. It is said that it does not make sense to carry useless things like an empty plastic bottle.

I love Juhu beach (located in Mumbai).

They say the sea is dirty and smells, and that is also true.

At Juhu beach I saw the mother throwing a few plastic bags full of their garbage into the sea after the picnic. She just did it in the presence of her children, and parents, too. No one stopped her and blamed her.

Even I did nothing for it and was not blamed by anyone, neither, though.

Sadly, this is ordinary here.

The founder of my company said to me that you do not have to lose motivation (to stop people adding garbage).
When he visited his relative's place near Kolkata, he had to stop his nephew trying to throw an empty can three times: from the window of the car, just after getting off the car, and just outside the gate of his house. This happens because the older generation scolds children for bringing garbage to home.

"It's a long long way to go."

Even such fact is here, I still like local people somehow, and I like local foods a lot. This may be the reason why I love Mumbai.

Today's my dinner was Pulao (rice cooked with vegetables). Hindi name of vegetables is written in blackets below.

Ingredients: Organic Basmati Rice (half-polished brown rice and white rice), Cauliflower(Gobi), Green peas(Mutter), Carrot, Organic Desi Ghee, Organic spices: Coriander(Dhania), Cinnamon(Dalchini), Clove, Ginger, Sesame seeds, Pepper, See salt.


2012.01.20 Sanpada, Navi Mumbai, India
This boy wanted to play on the string swing hanging on tree, but it was too difficult to do, and so now started to try another idea..


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