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ムンバイで、初めて カノープス(Canopus)アガスティア(Agastya) と呼ばれ、大切にされている星-を観て感動。それが、このブログのURL(http://canopus..)の由来。


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Recently I feel I quite often have an opportunity to see wild animals, of course, on the internet, TV, or in movies, though. Or, recently I might easily notice them somehow?

This has started since September when I happened to watch the movie Duma on TV, and in which a boy was travelling with a cheetah. They were very good friends, and at the end of the movie the cheetah went back to the nature.

After that I see at times news articles about wild animals in India who require protected habitats, and their pictures on the internet or in magazines. Here, I don't talk about the dilemma you confront while thinking of the tourism of such areas which has merits and demerits. I just want to enhance that they are breathtakingly beautiful creatures and attract me.

I saw one video on Facebook. The guy in the video was playing with lions. He was just being loved by lions so much. When a lioness gave a birth; when she must be quite nervous, he was taking care of her like her mom and then falling exhausted just next to the lioness grooming her babies. It's just beautiful and touching.

The scene when he encouraged a lioness to entering the lake impressed me. Probably the lioness had never entered the water, but to survive in the grand nature, she had to know it. She looked very scared, but her best friend, that guy, was in the lake. Because he was in the lake, the lioness entered the water and swam to him. She trusted him, and who would never betray her.

Yesterday I watched the movie, Life Of Pi.

Life of Pi is a fantasy adventure novel by Yann Martel published in 2001. The protagonist, Piscine Molitor "Pi" Patel, an Indian boy from Pondicherry, explores issues of spirituality and practicality from an early age. He survives 227 days after a shipwreck while stranded on a boat in the Pacific Ocean with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. (From Wikipedia)

Yann Martel is a Canadian author. The director of the movie is a Taiwanese, Ang lee. And an Indian boy, Suraj Sharma was chosen in an audition to play the protagonist, Pi. It's a unique combination.

The boy Pi tries to follow three religions: Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. His father runs a zoo in India. For some reasons, the family has to shift to Canada with animals, and they face a shipwreck. And, it is a Japanese cargo ship.

The scene of oceans while drifting is superb. It is computer graphics but a wonderful work. The way of describing various creatures in the sea is brilliant. And the protagonist performed well the emotions to animals, especially to the tiger.

Against the video above, in the movie, the tiger and the boy cannot be friends. I was expecting they would get along towards the end, but it didn't happen.

The movie shows so-called spiritual experiences a little.

It is funny and strange but somehow happens that an actual story or a real thing cannot sound real, like a Japanese investigator said to Pi about his story, and a well-made fiction story can sound real.

I believe a tiger can become a friend.
I believe more spiritual things can happen in such situation.

The movie Life Of Pi by the logic above can have reality.

On the other hand, the story tells obvious fictions as actual stories.

The boy Pi named after a name of the swimming pool which impressed his father in Paris. The boy named Pi recited Pi(circular constant) on two big blackboards when he was 8 year-old or so. The tiger was named "Richard Parker" by mistake...

And as a Japanese person, I would like to comment about the Japanese cargo and investigators.

The instruction booklet of the life boat was quite well written. To survive, you should keep yourself busy but do not get exhausted, and take regular rest and so on and so on. You may say Pi could survive thanks to this well-written booklet. This is very Japanese in a sense.

But as to the investigators who were sent from the company of the shipwreck, they were kind of rotters. Facing Pi lying on the bed, they ask questions only for the investigation report. Besides, they ask Pi to provide a believable story, because his real story is unbelievable. The report with such a story would not be approved, and so he needs the report which could be acceptable to the company. What a selfish say!

So, eventually and ironically, the movie Life Of Pi has lots of reality.

In Japan, the movie will get released on January new year.












ちょっとリサーチして、Patnem beachというゴアのビーチの中でも比較的静かでのんびりできるビーチを選んだ。リサーチ結果は正しく、12月のハイシーズン前ということもあって、とてものどかに過ごすことができた。












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