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It's hard to believe, but a true story.

It was last Thursday. I had caught a bad cold, and had to see a doctor before work. My head was dull because of annoying coughing for almost one week. After seeing a doctor and receiving the medicines at a chemist near the clinic, I got a rickshaw to come to work.

When I was settling at my desk, I realized that my brand new iPhone5S was neither in the bag, nor in the pocket. A moment later I picked up the office phone and called to the doctor, and the chemist to ask if my mobile was there or not. —The answers were sadly No.

My mind went just blank.

While my making calls, the colleagues around me were realizing what's happening on me. They knew that I had got a new phone just a month ago.

A colleague immediately called up to my mobile number, and it was at the second try that someone picked it up on the other side.

We held our breath staring at the colleague on the phone.

It turned out that my phone was delivered to the police station near my office—by the rickshaw driver.

The colleague immediately gave me a ride to the police station. We could soon find the officer who received the call, and my phone came out from his pocket. I unlocked it and showed my picture in the phone to prove that the phone is mine, and then police officers simply returned my brand new phone to me...oh, gosh!

It took quite some time to understand what happened; it seemed the phone was slipped down from my pocket and found by the rickshaw wala, and who brought it the police very soon.

That was just unbelievable. I cannot be more grateful for him and everyone involved.

Really really I wanted to thank that calm senior rickshaw wala.

But unfortunately, rather incredibly, the police had not had his contact..besides, only after I asked them if they had his contact or not, one officer said that acknowledgement was given by the police to him so why not pay to them instead, and demanded 200 rupees. Okay, of course I did not believe that they had paid it to him, yet I put 200 rupees on the desk with thank-you, and left there praying for their little goodness in the future. But, in fact, even my signature wasn't demanded; not a single paper work was there. What does it mean..? Sigh.

Anyway, just let me say here again--THANK YOU SO MUCH for everyone involved from the bottom of my heart!





Norman Rockwell iPhone5S cover

..the fact is that the lovely Norman Rockwell hardcover was given by my sister just a week ago. I just cannot believe this too could have been gone...Aghhh, Thank GOD!!


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