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Photo by YK : CST Station, Mumbai, India

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ムンバイで、初めて カノープス(Canopus)アガスティア(Agastya) と呼ばれ、大切にされている星-を観て感動。それが、このブログのURL(http://canopus..)の由来。


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A street dog under the bus a street dog under the bus

Milk! 500cc fresh milk!!

Andheri the way from the office to my flat

Mumbai from a window in my temporary flat city from a window in my temporary flat

My new cellphone with HINDI on the keypad!! my new cellphone here! look at the keypad! its with HINDI characters

Jufu Beach i'm baaaaack!! yeah!!
A scaring dog being carried by a boy the dog was so scared... "sorry about that!"

Organic farmer's market in Bandra organic farmer's market

Natural cane juice natural cane juice. its tasty!

Jufu Beach juhu again!

Children under the tree boys under the tree

Sunset at Jufu beach i missed this sunset... i'm baaaack!!! again

Good evening. (^_^)/ (というか、時差はどのくらい?)

”natural cane juice”ってサトウキビのジュースなのかな?
この光景は、昭和期に「ポン菓子」(ひなあられみたいの)を作って売ってた光景に似てますね。 ←思い込み?
日本の今日は「昭和の日」(祝日) ←なんだ、そりゃ?


I wait to enjoy that there is the report of a good feeling from you again. I expect it. (←英語として正しいのか?)

体調には充分留意してね。 健康第一ですから!
では=^∇^*=/ ニャ!

2010.04.29 22:26 URL | 高原です。 #k8hoI9U. [ 編集:Edit ]


You're right. It's サトウキビのジュース. India has covered between 昭和期 and NOW in Tokyo. This is true. Just on the day before yesterday my friend showed me the Indian ポン菓子 !! Exactly same looking. The taste is sweet and spicy, though i-235 thanks for your warm wordsi-194

2010.05.02 00:25 URL | YK #3v9IlUEY [ 編集:Edit ]



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