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Photo by YK : CST Station, Mumbai, India

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Dear My Friend,

Tomorrow, may be, at midnight my new flatmate will come! She is American. I don't know exactly where she comes from, though. But anyway native English speaker is most welcome as my flatmate because my English, especially speaking English, is still bad..

Basically we, foreigners or Indians who are singles and their family don't live in Mumbai, share the flat which is company's accommodation and has two separate rooms for each and two bathrooms as well. Kitchen and a living room are to be shared. So, it is not bad.

I had shared my flat with a Korean girl till June, and since she left company I have lived alone till today.

Today I got up late and went out to see a movie but there was no movie I wanted to see, so I called my coworker who is Taiwanese, and then we had a dinner, Indian dishes, together.

Now I should tell you about my work here. I am a customer service manager for editing services. My company provides editing services for non-native English speakers, such as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. More than 90% of our clients are Japanese. That is why I can be a customer manager here.

I was a system engineer for 10 years in Tokyo, but now I enjoy my work here. It has been half a year since I came here, Mumbai in India. So now I can say I am used to live here and work at the company.

I cannot explain how many caltural differences I have faced, but I still do love Mumbai as much as I did as a tourist. Needless to say, I love Indian foods, including spices and many types of grain and pulses. As for living, India is much much better than Japan for vegetarian. In fact its cannot compare with theirs.

Air pollution is the beggest problem to live in Mumbai, but since I have stayed in Navi Mumbai where there are less people and traffic, it has not been a big issue. The location between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai is like perhaps between Manhattan and Brooklyn. This is the same at least that there is a river inbetween..! I hope you can imagine that.

I will write you again, and you should know I am fine in India.

Take care and Love,

children love raining

Photo by YK : 2010.07.17 "Children love raining" Sanpada, Navi Mumbai, India



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