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ムンバイで、初めて カノープス(Canopus)アガスティア(Agastya) と呼ばれ、大切にされている星-を観て感動。それが、このブログのURL(http://canopus..)の由来。


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From where and what I should should be "Happy new year".

Wish you all a great, blissful, healthy, bright, and very happy new year.

Good that I didn't forget to mention this because I was honored that some people visited this blog on the very first day of this year. I appreciated that. It would be great that everybody who visits here in this year will enjoy my dairy with photos, or get something useful information, or feel something new or just as it is, or get an idea of India.

My new year resolution. That is to focus on intuition. I knew that I would never regret anything if I could follow only my intuitioin and act. And I was trying. But, I realised that I was doing it only in a part of my life. It is very difficult to explain when I did and when I didn't because it was divided by fixed ideas.

There is one interesting episode.
At the end of last year, there was one thing to decide. It was sort of an official matter; it had to do with housing that is company's accommodation. To put it simply, my flatmate wanted to hire a maid and the company staff coordinated it. But it was not accepted for me and thus that plan was cancelled.

I was struggling with how to explain why it could very possibly make me uncomfortable and how I could avoid any further concerns about housing. After getting great help from friends, I managed it finally. The company person who was in charge of this matter showed her understanding of my opinion with a smile.

In the meeting, I am not sure, but it seemed like the word "intuition" worked the most. I said that my instuition was saying no to this plan when there was nothing to say. It sounded like a silly saying even for me. But, somehow it seemed it all made sense to her that the reason I could not accept it was because my intuition said no.

My fixed idea told it was a silly saying―because it was not logical. But, it was not silly. Or, it might be silly but even it worked well. Another fixed idea must have told me that a silly idea would not work well.

Accordingly, I will try to keep it in mind again that forget about my fixed ideas first. Next, try to follow and use my intuitaion at every moment. Luckily, I am in India, and that must help me to do this a lot anyhow.

Om vedの缶入りオーガニック竹布TシャツYou become what you think

This is a birthday gift for my niece last year, the canned organic bamboo T-shirts with the message: You become what you think. The sanskrit language says the same thing. I found a link between this message and this article coincidentally..! By the way, you can also see the color purple of the walls in my room(left). I am used to, but a bit unusual..



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