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cricket trophies
Finally, or rather eventually, I have started watching cricket today.
It is NOT possible to ignore CRICKET itself as long as you live in India, especially for you who is a sports lover.

You can keep you away from it if you can make lots of efforts. However, in the meantime, you perhaps are forced to keep away, or just away from your favorite sports too. There are lots of reasons for that situation happens: no TV channel for your favorites one, no company to watch it or share your joy with, and less motivation to stick with that particular sports you are used to love.

Anyway, in fact, I am watching now the ICC Cricket World Cup, England vs India, on TV while writting this entry.

A final trigger of this change in my life was the cricket cup organised by my company on last Sunday at Juhu. I just submitted a registration, and fortunately, the first opportunity to play cricket was given.


The captain of my team was a very nice one and thanks to him I enjoyed a lot at my first game as a batsman and a field player. At the second game, there was no chance to play as a batsman. Then at the third game which was the semi final I was given out at the very first moment which I could have made it not out if I were familiar with the rule. I was so miserable because of that. Our team lost at that semi final, and my first cricket matches finished.

In a cricket match, if you get out, you never ever have a chance to play as a batsman in the match. There is ONLY ONE CHANCE in a match. Can you believe it?

The movie LAGAAN taught me that incredible rule. While watching the movie, seriously I was wondering if it could be a very painful and frustrated regulation for players. And then, after that I just came to know that actually it is.

I really want to know how cricket players have been surviving or struggling with such rules. That is my current motivation to see it.

Now England is being the batsman's side. In the cricket, one side keeps attacking, and if it ends, the other side starts attacking. Then, the latter side can get scores more than one the former got, it becomes a winner.

It takes around 3 hours and half for each; the whole match needs 8 hours including the break inbetween.

Current ongoing match looks very close. Still nobody can tell either is going to win, and more than one hour remaining.

Speaking of 8 hours, it reminded me of Suzuka 8 hours endurance road race. Yes, 8 hours should be a kind of endurance sports' time range. It is not for a general sports!


P.S. The result of India vs England was a tie! 338 scores and 8 wickets lost. It's unbelievable that they got exactly same scores and wickets after playing 8 HOURS. I don't understand how wicket's numbers work in a match though.. It seems that there is a very long way to understand cricket.



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