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I just got the idea that I give some tips of Indian food here for tourists to Mumbai like I do for newcomers to my company. And this might also help Japanese who live in Japan and like Indian foods but still feel difficulty to order unknown named curry or even just to try a new dish at Indian restaurant. In fact, there are so many Indian restaurants in Japan, though.

If you come to Mumbai, please try to have a“DOSA” made from rice powder. Dosa is the south Indian food, but you can have it in Mumbai as well. Its looking is like a crape. You may order “Mysore Masala Dosa” which is my favourite, and it was my dinner today. Mysore brings sweet tomato based sauce thinly spread on Dosa, and Masala brings here tasty boiled potato inside. Needless to say, the potato is cooked with spices such as curry leaves, mustard seeds, and turmeric powder etc. If you are not only alone, “Paper Sada Dosa” would be nice. Sada means plain, so nothing in it. But it’s like a huge crispy crape, so it is fun to have with friends as a snack. Dosa is served with two or three sauces called CHATNI. One is in white looks like yoghurt but actually it is coconut chatni. If you are a coconut lover, just try it. Others are SAMBAL which is generally slightly sweet sauce. If you finish chatni or sambal, you can ask more if you want. It is free refill (as far as I know).

The picture below is, I think, Sada Masala Dosa, which I had when I just arrived here on April 2010.

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