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Today my bus ticket got examined just after getting off the bus. It's a surprise inspection, and this is the second time in the last year. (There were two times that I experienced the same for a ticket of train.)

It may sound funny but today I realised that such inspections delight me because that gives me of the reality of my living a life in a foreign country.

There are actually lots of things that tell me I live out of Japan: a trouble of VISA, a fighting with a rickshaw driver in Hindi, getting frustrated with one's English language skill, intense weather, being barefoot through the year, cricket matches going on television, too many holes on the street, people celebrating religious festivals dancing crazily and playing music so loudly, and so on.

However, a ticket examination is something different from these. It rarely happens here in Mumbai, and it is actually nothing. But it is what you get to know or experience only when you live a life for some period of time as a local resident.

I was longing for a chance of living in a foreign country and asked myself so many times what I would like to do there once it would happen. After struggling with looking for reasonable reasons, I concluded the answer was not travelling as a tourist but living a life abroad itself.

Today I thought that the answer was probably correct, because the ticket examination gave me small but pleasant happiness.

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