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I clearly remember the moment I found this t-shirt at the shop in Shibuya Parco, Tokyo. It was summer in 2002. The price was 12,000 yen or so. It's quite expensive for me just as a t-shirt.

The shop sells only vintage clothes, and that was my first visit. A shop person explained to me that the cloth patched up on front is vintage, and the brand, California Vintage was now getting very popular in LA blah-blah.

As listening to his words, I was wondering why my eyes were stuck on this t-shirt; the taste was different from my standard, and neither the colour nor shape weren't so special, though the material was very comfortable, and it fitted perfectly.

Brazil was the champion of 2002 FIFA World Cup Japan/South Korea. Football interested me during this tournament only, and I had started supporting Brazil (rather than Japan), and they won. That was amazingly fun. Yes, thanks to Brazil I have been a football lover since then.

Yet, that's the only Brazil for me at that time. A good fun memory but nothing so special.

Though I couldn't find any reasonable reason to get an expensive t-shirt, I made up my mind to buy it because my work was just hectic, and there's no time to spend that money too, and that had made me feel even more empty.

Not that I rarely wore it till today. But, today my attention was drawn to the stitches in yellow and red, and as I was studying it to know how to stitch chains in two mixed colours, I realised it's a careful handwork.

The special warm feeling that this t-shirt has for me is from not only the vintage cloth but also the handwork.

I now know why this t-shirt struck me on that day. At that hard time I must have needed that warmth and that love in other words. It is invisible but certainly exists.

Here in India handwork products are abundant. I'm grateful.



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